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HP Customer Service Always There For You

HP is one of the most reliable information technology companies that always supports and assists its customers. Therefore, whether it’s before or after the purchase of something, you can call the HP customer service phone number and resolve your queries. In fact, HP has two different chat options available for its customers. This has been done so that pre-sales and customer care teams can divide their callers and help them accordingly. Moreover, users can also visit HP stores, call them and send them an email to ensure they've lodged their complaints. HP maintains full transparency and helps every tech lover enjoy their gadgets and other devices without any hindrances.

Whatever the Reason Might Be, Contact HP Customer Service Through Chat And Number Today to Get Rid Of Your Trouble

Users contact the HP customer service phone number in the USA because of faulty products. Some of the common problems that most users face while using an HP product are:

Heated Devices

Heated devices often lead to system failure and several other fatal accidents. Thus, most users in the USA contact HP to resolve the overheating problem.

Software Trouble and a Slow System

Sometimes, some HP devices experience software malfunction and crashes, leading to a slow system or no function. Thus, users contact HP technicians and ask for services.

HP Printer Error

HP printer error is no alien for users. And that leads them to contact the company’s customer care and ask for help and services.

hp customer service

Do you Want to Place A Complaint With HP Customer Service Number? First, Know the Product Number

To place a complaint with HP, you must know your product number. And without it, no one can take your complaint. Learn where will find you find the product number in each type of device before calling the HP customer service phone number:

HP Notebooks

The product number is usually in the battery compartment, at the bottom, or on the kickstand of the notebook.

HP Desktops

The product number will either be on top of the case or at the side or back of the case for desktops. You can also find the product number on the front of your desktop case.

HP Monitors

You will find the product number on the back of your HP monitor's pedestal or cosmetic cover.

HP Printers

You can find the product number at the back of your printer or at the bottom of it.

HP Chromebooks

Your HP Chromebooks’s product number will be on the bottom of the device.

HP AIO Desktops

Your AIO Desktop’s product number will be on the back of the product.

Whether It’s Your Desktop Or Your Tablet, Help Is Always Available At HP Customer Service

You can dial the HP customer service number for any device. That’s because we have specialized technicians to fix your gadget and make it as good as new. HP has technicians specializing in these types of machines and gadgets:

For Desktops

HP has specialized technicians who know everything about desktops and can fix them within minutes. Therefore, users can trust the engineers and leave their devices under their care.

For Printers

HP has hardware engineers specializing in printer services. So, they have vivid knowledge about printers and will fix them in minutes.

For Laptops and Notebooks

A heating laptop or notebook slowing your work on an important office project? The experts who know A to Z of laptops and notebooks, and let them fix your device in no time.

Here Are the HP Customer Service Number of the USA, Email ID And Vital Information

HP has made it easier for customers to contact their customer service. Come take a look and find out ways you can connect with HP and ask for assistance:

Official Address

HP’s Palo Alto office address:

  • HP Inc,
  • 1501 Page Mill Road,
  • Palo Alto, CA-94304
  • United States of America,
  • Phone No: + 1 650-857-1501

Hp's Houston, Texas office address:

  • HP inc,
  • 10300, Energy Drive,
  • Spring Texas, 77389
  • United States of America,
  • Phone No: +1 650-857-1501

HP Customer Service Email

Here’s the official email address of HP customer care:

PrintSupports.Support@hp.com. You can email HP at this address and wait for them to revert with a solution.

HP Customer Service Number

Sales Specialist Number From 8 am to 2 am (Monday to Sunday): 800-565-9917

To Know About Order Status From 8 am to 8 pm (Monday to Friday): 800-407-4005

For Talking to Customer Care Executives From 8 in the morning to 8:30 in the evening(Monday to Friday): 866-625-0242

HP Chatting Service

Once you visit www.hp.com/us-en/contact-hp/shopping, you will see two chatting options; one for potential customers and the other for existing customers. Select your preferred window and start chatting.

hp customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

HP customer care info and their email ID and chatting information are attached. You will find the answer right above this question and use it to get in touch with HP.

Hp Customer service number is 800-407-4005. You can call this number for HP USA and their customer service manager for assistance with your device.

You can dial the number 800-407-4005 and get in touch with HP customer care. HP has its executives available 24/7, so you can contact them whenever you want and receive whatever help you need.

You can speak to some at HP by chatting or dialing their official number. HP's contact info is mentioned above and in detail. Kindly go through the page and note down HP's contact information.

Yes, HP has chat support, and you can access it by following the steps:

  • Log onto HP’s official website and go straight down to the bottom of the webpage
  • Find the “Contact HP" option, go to this section, and find the chat support option to start chatting.

HP’s official customer service email ID is PrintSolutions.Support@hp.com. You can email here stating your concern, name, number, and address (residential and email), and one of their executives will revert soon.

Visit www.support.hp.com/us-en/service/hp-instant-ink-series to receive HP instant Ink support. Kindly note the address. Otherwise, you might forget the ID and again come online to search.

To cancel HP's instant ink subscription, first, go to www.hp.com -> HP instant Ink-> left menu of the “Update Plan” option-> plan details-> Cancel Plan. No extra hassle is required.

  • Reconnecting it with your WiFi
  • Checking if it's connected to your device
  • Refilling your printer’s Ink Cartridge
  • Clearing the queue in the printer
  • Resetting your printer queue