Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is very concerned about the privacy of each visitor to our site. Using personal information is for users' better experience, so they do not get stuck anywhere whenever they visit. Also, the private information users provide is used to engage the visitor and update them about the new offers, products, and services through Also, the Privacy Policy can be changed anytime without prior information when the need arises. are the sole and absolute owner of the information collected on, and will never provide, sell, loan, or rent identifiable personal information to any other third party.

Collected this information through various points, such as

Personal Details:

Users will need to register before using our site for information purposes. It Includes users' full names, Email addresses, Postal addresses, etc. Further, the contact will inform you about new offers, products, your products, etc.

Payment Details:

If any user subscribes to any product, program, or anything that offers, it records the debit and credit card information. And the information of transactions that have taken place with our site can be shared with a third party only for the transaction processing. Otherwise, all the details are safe and secure with our site.

Information Security:

Any information stored or taken by our is stored and maintained in a secure facility where only authorized personnel are allowed on to seek the data.

Use of cookies:

Cookies are the identification message sent by the server, such as our site, to the browser. This text file contains the message and does not affect the visitor's private information.

Log Files:

Our uses IP addresses to track users' movement, obtain broad demographic information, and do not have to do anything with the visitor's data.

Contests and Surveys:

Any contests and Surveys conducted by our site ask for the user's details to take the participation. does not hold any personal data for any unwanted use. Also, we will use users' data to improve our site legally.

Security Issues: takes special attention and protects any sensitive or most important information when entered on our site. For instance, Card numbers, passwords, and other really important information. It does not disclose personal information to anyone. Only authorized people are allowed to access the data for special cases. can share the information with people needing to perform the task, such as the delivery person. But, the information given to these people is encrypted, and the screen is shared for security purposes.