HP Support Assistant | Learn to Download, Use & Remove It

HP Support Assistant is the best part about HP PCs and laptops. However, you can download HP Assistant on brands’ computers to access various tools made exclusively for HP computers and printing devices.

Moreover, it will help you to troubleshoot your computer problems and help you to update software automatically. So, come and learn to download the HP support assistant, use and remove it with ease.

How to Download HP Support Assistant?

Those who’re still wondering, “What is HP Support Assistant?” must know that it’s software that was initially made for HP laptops to work smoother and faster.

However, with time, HP has made this software readily available for all Windows 10 and 11 users, irrespective of the beans.

So, here’s how you can download HP Assistant on your Windows 10 computers:

  • Launch your Google Chrome only; visit the Chrome Web store.
  • Once there, find the HPSA Chrome OS extension, and from there install the HP Assistant software extension.
  • After downloading it, open it, and it will redirect you to HP’s support page. Now you must find the “Launch Support Assistant From Chrome OS” and click it. That’s it, your job will be done.

How to Use the HP Assistant On Your Computer?

After you’ve downloaded the HP support assistant download, it’s time to use it. Learn to use the HP assistant properly:

  • After launching the HP assistant, visit the extension, create your account, and complete the sign-in process.
  • Next, go to the HP Assistant’s Dashboard and find your computer’s health status, warranty period, serial and product number.
  • Now, perform a diagnostic on the system, and if you find something important to update, please do so. Finally, if something malicious is lingering around your computer, turn on the Corresponding Options to begin troubleshooting it.

HP assistant also lets you update software by accessing Settings on your computer. To turn on this feature, try:

  • Going to Settings and then to Application Settings.
  • Once there, update your Software Settings, and decide your schedule on which you can spare your computer to get updated successfully.
  • Finally, select Weekly or Monthly schedule for updates, and then choose Advanced Settings to determine the type of update you want.

How to Uninstall HP Support Assistant On Your Computer?

Once you’re done using the HP support assistant, you can uninstall it if you feel it’s slowing down your PC. So, here’s how you can do it:

  • Open your Windows search bar and punch in “Add or Remove Programs.”
  • From all the options you receive, select the HP Assistant option and select the Uninstall option.
  • Again, confirm the Uninstall operation and let go of the application.

So, that’s how you uninstall HP Support Assistant from Windows 11 after you’re done using it.


Once you download HP Support Assistant, you don’t have to worry about your computer’s operations. The assistant will ensure you receive what you expect from your computer. For more, call +1-(800)-727-2472 and get complete assistance from HP itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really need an HP Support Assistant?

HP Assistant is an important tool that will help you work on your computer smoothly. Moreover, your work will be done faster, leaving you more time to focus on yourself. So, it’s best to download the software on your computer.

How do I get an HP Support Assistant?

Get an HP assistant like this:
·         Firstly, open your Windows 10/ 11 laptop or PC (brands don’t matter), and open your Google Chrome only.
·         Next, go to Chrome’s web store and find the HPSA Chrome extension
·         Now, install the HP Assistant on your computer
·         Finally, you’ll land on HP’s official support page, from where you must launch the app on your computer.

How do I contact HP Support?

Contact HP support by calling them at +1-(800)-727-2472. You will always find help there from the best technicians and executives. You can also chat with HP customer care executives and email them.

Is it safe to download HP Support Assistant?

It’s entirely safe to download the HP support assistant. However, you must download it only from the HPSA Chrome extension of the Chrome Web Store. That way, you will receive 100% authentic service.

How Do I Contact HP Customer Care?

You can contact HP customer care over call, chat, or email. HP customer care’s official number is +1-(800)-727-2472, and to chat or email HP, go to, and chat or email their representative.

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