HP Printer Error Codes List with Solution

Despite the matchless reliability and quality printing of HP printers, users can’t prevent themselves from witnessing printer errors. HP Printers strives to meet every user’s needs, from affordability to exceptional printing results. However, as printers contribute to the technology world, facing technical glitches is very common. HP printer error codes are unpredictable and may occur anytime during the print job. So, take a look at the possible error codes that your printer may show up when something isn’t right.

Here, you can see several error codes that your HP printer displays for various reasons. Apart from the error codes and causes, you will also get a solution tip for fixing errors.

1. HP Printer Error Code 49

Error code 49 is a common problem faced by users when the printer is unable to make a connection with the PC. There are several factors responsible for this communication barrier, such as corrupt drivers, print queue issues, etc.

Hence, update drivers and clear print queues when you are shown this error code by your printer after you give print commands.

Moreover, to fix the error, you can also reset the printer to its factory settings.

2. HP Smart Test Error Code 303

The Smart Test Error Code 303 indicates hardware failure and due to this, your printing task is stopped in the middle.

If this error code shows up on the screen of the printer then, something isn’t right with the hard drive of your computer.

When the hard drive gets damaged, you will need to replace it with a new one. Then, only you will be able to make your printer function according to your needs.

We would suggest you replace your faulty hard drive to fix this error.

3. HP Printer Error Code 79

HP printer error code 79 occurs when the driver of the printer is outdated or missing. To correct this error, ensure that you update the firmware to the most recent version.

In addition, you can also power cycle your device to get rid of this problem. Simply turn your device off and on.

4. HP Printer Error Code 30

This error code shows that your printer is in an “unactivated” state after being connected to the PC. There might be a situation where the HP printer is connected to the PC properly but shows an “inactive” state.

So, to deal with this, we recommend you use the latest drivers. Also, if the drivers are corrupt or missing, you can uninstall them and reinstall them later.

For this, you can go to the “Control Panel” of your device and uninstall the drivers.

After updating or reinstalling the driver, make sure to reconnect your printer to your PC. This will give a fresh start to both of these devices and as a result, you will experience effortless and error-free printing.

5. HP Error Code 0x6100004a

This is one of the most common HP printer error codes that appear for several reasons, such as paper jams, low ink, etc.

Consequently, make sure your printer has sufficient ink and the ink cartridge is original. Most importantly, you should use valid-sized papers, and the printer’s tray should not be overloaded.

If you find stuck papers inside your printer, remove those papers gently so that no hardware part of the printer is removed from its place or gets damaged.

Besides, you can turn off your printer and take out the ink cartridges from it if the error code keeps displaying.

After waiting for a while, install the ink cartridges back into your HP printer.

6. HP Printer Text Error Messages A-Z

You can easily repair text error messages that appear on your HP printer’s screen. As soon as the text messages display on the screen, users can easily decode them with the available solutions.

7. HP Printer In Error State

When an HP printer is in an error state, it is simply because it is not connected to the PC in a proper manner. Connectivity issues can lead the printer into an error state.

Furthermore, there are other possible reasons: low ink, outdated drivers, insufficient papers, the “printer is not set as default,”  etc.

Rebooting the PC and the printer will also help resolve the error.

You can also contact the support team if the error is not fixed.

8. HP Printer Error 8 

The printer error code 8 is a hardware problem and shows issues with the carriage of the printer. It occurs due to both software and hardware problems. Hence, you will have to update the printer software and restart your device.

Additionally, to fix a hardware issue, you can clean the printer’s cartridges and rollers. So, to avoid this error, make sure proper cleaning processes are followed on your HP printer.

9. Printer Error 0x61011bed

The leading cause behind this error code is problems with the printhead of the printer. The issue may also show up when users try to align the ink cartridges of the printer.

This HP printer error message may disappear when you clean the printhead, reinstall cartridges, update the printer firmware, etc.

Apart from this, contacting HP Support will get you further guidance if the problem has not been fixed yet.

10. HP Error Code 0xc4eb827f

The error code indicates an ink leak problem with your HP printer.

Moreover, it occurs due to clogged printheads, faulty printer hardware, etc.

So, to get rid of this, it would be better if you sought assistance from the hardware experts. This way, it won’t take you long to fix this error.

11. “System Fan (90b)” or “System Fan (90f)”

The error is associated with an HP laptop. Users may face this error due to issues with the HP laptop fan. The cooling fan of the device is not working well.

As a consequence, the device keeps shutting down within 15 seconds, and this will probably interrupt the printing task.

To resolve this, clean the cooling fan of the laptop device and reboot your laptop.

12.  XXX Memory Full

Your HP printer may not have sufficient memory to carry out print jobs. Too many print jobs are available in the queue because of this, and RAM is unable to process them all.

Therefore, you need to clear the print job.

13. Error code 22: I/O Configuration

The error code shows the communication error between the printer and the computer. It often occurs due to hardware problems.

Hence, you need to ensure that the cables are in good working condition and not damaged. Also, ensure that the printer, like the PC, is connected via wifi.

14. HP Printer Error code 41 

The error code appears due to a temporary engine issue. To rectify the message, resetting the printer will be the best option. Further, take help from the experts if it appears necessary.

15. HP Error Code 11 – Paper Out

This error indicates there are no papers in the printer’s tray. So, ensure you install sufficient and valid papers in the tray. After doing this, try again.


If we have missed any printer errors that you are currently experiencing, please contact HP printer support for assistance. Besides this, please submit your query to us, and our experts will get back to you with suggestions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my HP printer giving me an error message?

The main reason behind this is that there may be a problem with your printer itself. To resolve it, ensure that your printer is on and connected to the public WiFi networks. Also, check the paper whether it’s jammed and also make sure that the cover isn’t open.    

How do I fix my printer error code?

For most users, we have mentioned a list of solutions that help you to solve printer error codes:
Ensure that the printer is connected to your computer properly 
Reinstall the Printer Drivers
Restart the Printer
Automate the Print Spooler Service 
Verify the paper and Ink Cartridge levels 

How do I clear the error code on my HP printer?

Using the power switch, turn the printer off and wait for 15 seconds. After that, turn the printer on again. Once you do so, the error message disappears. If this still occurs then switch off the printer and plug the power cord into a different socket.   

How do I reset my HP printer error message?

To reset the HP printer error message, you need to go through below guide:
First off, open the Printer’s Webpage
After that, Log in as Administrator 
Now, choose reset Factory Settings on the General tab 
Select Reset under the section Reset Firmware
Once you do so, the printer will now Restart
Next, set the printer’s date and time correctly 

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