Resolve the “HP Printer Paper Jam” Problem In 7 Easy Steps

HP printers are considered top-class devices that cater to the printing requirements of every user. However, it is very common to encounter an “HP printer paper jam” issue after giving a print command to the printer. When the printer displays a “Paper Jam error” instead of printing, it is because of several valid reasons. The reasons for the error are – invalid loading of papers in the paper tray, papers may not be according to the standards or requirements of the printer, etc.

To fix the “paper jam on the HP printer”, read our troubleshooting guide that provides you with the step-by-step error-solving procedure.

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Valid Causes Behind HP Printer Paper Jam 

But before, let’s have a close look at why the printer shows a “paper jam” error.

  • Installing incorrect size and type of paper in the printer’s tray.
  • Filling paper tray with more than sufficient or allowed pages. So, make sure you do not forget the limits of loading papers in the tray.
  • Stuck papers in the tray also cause a “paper jam” error.
  • Paper jam in HP printer is also possible due to accumulated dust in the printer. Hence, clean your printer timely to avoid printing issues.

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HP Printer Paper Jam – Quick Fixing 

Check the troubleshooting tips below:-

1. Remove Jammed Paper From Front Cover 

If your printer is showing a paper jam issue, then, you need to check its front cover. When you find any jammed paper on the front cover, carefully pull out that paper and try again. This is one of the best troubleshooting tips you should follow when the printer says “paper jam”.

2. Clear Paper Jam From Input & Output Tray

Use the below-mentioned steps to clear the jammed papers from the input and output tray.

Remove paper from the input tray if you find any stuck paper

  • Turn on your HP printer by pressing its power button.
  • Now, remove the power cables from the backside of the printer
  • Moreover, check the input tray for stuck paper.
  • If you find any piece of paper stuck there, pull that paper out of the tray.
  • After this, connect the power cables and try again.

Clear Output Tray

  • Turn off your HP printer
  • Remove the power cord from the printer.
  • Now, check the output tray whether any paper is stuck in there or not.
  • In case of finding the paper, take it out
  • Finally, you will see the paper jam HP printer will be fixed.

Clearing Automatic Document Feeder

Open the ADF cover and take out the jammed paper from it. Once you do it successfully, you can try to print something with your HP printer.

3. Clear Debris Accumulated Inside HP Printer

The below process will show how you can clean the insides of your HP printer to fix the paper jam problem. Fix the HP printer paper jam with the following process.

  1. First of all, power off your device and remove all cables from it.
  2. In the next step, you will have to remove stuck papers from the given areas such as the ink or toner cartridge, input tray, & bottom cleanout door.
  3. Now, replace the parts you remove and ensure to close all opened doors.
  4. Thereafter, attach all power cords or cables to the printer.
  5. Turn on your printer and give a print command to check whether the jam issue is resolved or not.

4. Check Paper Feed Rollers For Stuck Papers

Clean the paper feed rollers of your HP Printer using the simple quick steps given below

  • You can start the cleaning process of feed rollers by turning off your printer and removing all attached power cables.
  • After that, you need to open the “Input Tray” and find grey paper rollers.
  • Now, remove all the dirt from them with care and avoid using your hands harshly on rollers.
  • After cleaning the paper feed rollers, place them back in the printer and ensure they are completely dry.
  • Then, connect all power cords again to the printer.
  • Lastly, power on your printer and conduct a print test.

5. Clean Printer Rollers

If you are struggling with “how to remove the paper jam from an HP printer” even after following the above techniques, ensure to clean the print rollers with the given steps.

  • To begin with, ensure all the papers from the input tray are removed.
  • Now, press the “Down arrow” to choose “Settings” and press “Ok”.
  • Again, press the “Down arrow” button to select “Tools”, and press “Ok”.
  • Now, select “Clean paper feed” and press “Ok”.
  • Wait until the printer stops the cleaning process completely before you continue.
  • Now try to print.

6. Resetting HP Printer For Jam Issue

Reset your HP printer to easily get rid of the HP printer paper jam error.

  1. Power on your HP Printer.
  2. Remove the power cords from the printer.
  3. Unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  4. After that, wait for a few seconds and plug the power cord back into the wall outlet.
  5. Again, connect the cords to the printer.
  6. Then, turn on the printing device.

7. Check Print Carriage For Proper Functioning

  • Begin by removing the power cord of the printer.
  • Now, move the carriage of the printer from the side to side. However, ensure you do not force the carriage for moving. Just do it carefully.
  • Try to rotate the rollers of the printer in case, the carriage is not able to move easily.
  • Here, all you need to make sure of is the effortless movements of the carriage and rollers.

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With the troubleshooting techniques mentioned above, you can fix the “HP printer paper jam” error with ease. Besides this, feel free to send your query to us in case, you are still facing this error.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clear a paper jam on my HP printer?

Behind the carriage, if your printer has a paper path cover then first remove the paper and then remove the jammed paper (if any). This can be done by pulling out the input tray. In case, if the printer has a bottom cleanout door then lift the printer and look under it. If found any jammed paper then remove them instantly. 

Why does my HP printer keep saying paper jam?

A paper jam can usually be caused due to paper fiber, dust, and other garbage. To solve these issues, you must first clean the rollers that are inside the printer and then try to print the paper again. 

Why does my printer say there’s a paper jam but there isn’t?

In some cases, it has been seen that a paper jam problem usually occurs when there is no jammed paper. For this, you have to reset your printer and clear this error. Once done, try to print the paper again. 

How do you fix a continuous paper jam?

If you want to solve this problem, then first off turn off and unplug the printer. After that, from the tray remove all printer paper and then reload it again. Just after that, you need to open the rear access door. Once done, close the doors and plug in the printer. These will help you to resolve a continuous paper jam issue.  

What are two problems that cause printer paper jams?

There are various problems that cause printer paper jams. Among all, two of them are poor paper quality and old paper. 

What causes constant paper jams? 

Most often, constant paper jams lead to inappropriate use. Ensure that the paper is loaded correctly into the paper tray and also use the right paper size. Besides, for your printer use the right toner or ink cartridges for your printer. 

What do I do when my HP printer says paper jam but there is none?

Whenever your printer says there is a paper jam but there is none then check the tray that holds the paper. 

Why does my printer say paper jam when there isn’t one?

This issue usually is caused due to improperly loading paper. If the paper is frayed or bent then it can cause a jam. Apart from this, using paper that is not suitable can also lead to a jammed printer.  

Why does my HP printer keep saying jammed?

If this problem occurs then it means that somewhere in the printer there is paper stuck. Besides, there are some more possible causes that will show you why your printer might be jammed:
The paper is torn or wrinkled.
Through the printer, the rollers that feed are damaged or dirty. 
In the tray, the paper is not aligned properly.
The tray is improperly loaded or overfilled. 
Inside the printer, there are foreign objects such as paper clips or staples.

How do I reset my HP printer after a paper jam?

After a paper jam, if you want to reset the HP printer, then follow the below instructions:
To turn on the product, press the Power button
Once done, from the rear of the product, disconnect the power cord
Next, unplug the power cord
After that, wait for 15-20 seconds
Now, into the wall outlet, plug the power cord back 
To the rear of the product, reconnect the power cord
Once you do so if the product does not turn on, press the Power button to do so.

How do you clear a paper jam error?

If this problem occurs then the printer will flash the Error LED. follow the tips to clear a paper jam issue:
1.   Firstly, open the front cover of the printer
2.   After that, take out the drum unit and toner cartridge
3.   Once done, close the front cover
4.   Now, from the printer pull out the paper tray completely
5.   Next, pull out the jammed paper 
6.   Open the back cover
7.   Now, to open the fuser cover, pull the tab toward you
8.   Out of the fuser unit, pull the jammed paper
9.   Once completed, close the back cover
10. Inside the drum unit, if there is jammed paper then clear it
11. Into the drum, put the toner cartridge back 
12. The green lock lever will lift automatically if you put the cartridge properly
13. Again, open the front cover. Put the toner cartridge and drum unit inside
14. After that, enter the paper tray again
15. Close the front cover 
16. Once you completed it, ensure that the Error LED is off. 

How do you get rid of paper jam status?

If you seriously want to get rid of jam status, then go through some of the main points: 
Open the Rear Cover 
Either from the Paper Output Slot or Rear Tray, pull the paper out.
Once done, close the Rear Cover
After that, reload the paper
Finally, press the RESUME/CANCEL button on the printer

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