How to Fix HP Printer Not Responding? – [ Fast Guide]

Here in this blog, we will focus on how to fix the “HP printer not responding” issue in simple and point-to-point steps. Encountering the error becomes clear when the printer is not connected to the PC properly, papers are stuck in the tray, problems with the print spooler, etc. Moreover, using corrupt printer drivers also lead the printer to the “Not Responding” state.
So, keep reading the blog till the end, as a result, you will be able to get rid of the error soon.

Causes of HP Printer Not Responding

To know why is my hp printer not responding, ensure to check the valid causes first before error-solving tips.
  • A loose connection between the Printer and PC.
  • Both the PC and the printer are not connected to the same wifi.
  • Printer drivers could be missing or outdated.
  • HP Printer may run out of sufficient ink.
  • Installation of insufficient papers in the printer’s tray.
  • The USB cable may be broken or damaged.

6 Ways to Fix HP Printer Not Responding

1. Checking HP Printer Connection

When the printer displays the “not responding” error message and stops the printing task in the middle, it is due to a disrupted connection.
See the steps below to fix the connectivity issues of the printer:-
  • To fix the connection problem, turn off the printer and the PC first.
  • Then, disengage the power cables from the printer.
  • Now, wait for at least a few minutes.
  • Once a few minutes are passed, connect all the cables to the printer.
  • After that, reboot your PC.
  • After you choose to restart your computer, let your printer go into “Silent” or “Inactive” mode.
  • In addition, if you have got another PC or laptop, you can connect your printer to it to check whether it is working fine or not.
  • Thereafter, check all the power cables of the printer and ensure they are connected to the PC in a proper manner.
  • The Last thing you can do is connect your printer to another USB to check if it is in good condition.

2. Disable Antivirus or Firewall Program

To fix why my HP printer is not responding, make sure you disable antivirus or firewall programs.
If you have enabled both of these programs on your PC, you will printer will display the “not responding” message. Therefore, turn off both these features, and after that, try to take a print test.
Furthermore, you can also consider uninstalling the antivirus software so that the printer can start responding. This will surely fix the printer error.

3. Reconfiguration Of Printer On PC

Due to incorrect settings of the printer on your PC, your HP printer may not respond to the print commands you give. Hence, check the procedure below to configure the printer correctly.
  • First, go to the “Control Panel” of your PC.
  • After the above step, click on the “Device & Printer” option.
  • Now, available printers will be shown on your device.
  • In addition, select your HP printer and right-click on it to go to “Properties”.
  • Make sure the correct port is selected.
  • After you select the correct port, click the “OK” button to save and apply the changes.

4. Restarting Print Spooler Service

The print spooler is responsible to store print jobs in the computer’s memory. If there is something wrong with the print spooler, the printer can stop responding.
To rectify the print spooler, make sure to restart it with the given process:-
  • Access run, type “services.msc”, and hit the enter button.
  • Now, find and double-click on the “Print Spooler” option.
  • Then, go to “Properties” and choose “Automatic” as the startup type.
  • Thereafter, choose the “Start” option to initiate the spooler service.
  • Click on “Stop” and then, “OK” in case, the spooler service is not working well.
  • Here, wait for a few seconds and click on the “Start” option.
  • In the last step, restart the system and you can check the problem will be gone.

5. Updating HP Printer Drivers

To fix “printer is not responding HP”, reinstall or update the printer drivers.
Make a visit to HP’s official site and from there, you can install the latest drivers according to the model number of your printer.
Moreover, follow the given steps to reinstall the drivers.
  • Open the “Run” dialog box.
  • Next, type the “devmgmt.msc” in the text field.
  • Click on the “Printer” category.
  • Then, choose your printer and right-click on it to choose “Uninstall”.
  • Give a checkmark to the “Delete the driver software for this device” option.
  • After this, the printer drivers will be removed from the PC.
  • Now, you can download and install the latest printer drivers.

6. Set HP Printer as Default

The next thing you can do is to set the printer as default. In case, the printer is not chosen as “Default”, see the steps to set it as default.
  • Go to the “Control Panel” settings of your device.
  • Thereafter, click on the “Device & printers” option.
  • Choose your printer and then, “Manage”.
  • There check the option “Set As Default”.

Fix “HP printer not responding” On Mac 

1. Resetting the Printer

  • First of all, go to the “Apple” menu.
  • Choose the “Preferences” option.
  • Click on “Print & Scan” under the “Hardware” tab.
  • Choose the “Resetting Printer Tab” option.
  • Click on the “Reset” button.
  • After that, you will be instructed to provide an admin id and password.
  • Click “OK” to go further and choose the “Reset” button.

2. Checking the USB Connection

  • Simply, go to the “System Preferences” on your Mac device.
  • Later, go to the “Print & Scan” option under the “Hardware” tab.
  • After this, the device will initiate detecting the printer.
  • Choose the printer model and click the “Add” button.
  • Now, check the printer.


Do not hesitate to contact HP Printer Support if the problem still occurs even after using the troubleshooting tips given here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my HP printer not responding?

This problem usually occurs due to an incompatible driver. To solve it, follow these steps:
Reinstall the Printer Driver
Use the Generic Driver
Reboot the Print Spooler Service
Lastly, use the Windows Troubleshooter 

How do I restart my HP printer?

Follow the steps to restart your HP printer:
1.   By pressing the power button, turn off your printer
2.   After that, unplug the power cord attached to the printer 
3.   Once done, wait for at least 30 seconds
4.   Now, plug in the power cord back
5.   To turn on the printer press the power button 
6.   To initialize and become idle, wait for a few minutes
These all are the steps that help you to restart your HP printer. If you are still encountering problems then you may contact HP support for help or follow the steps to troubleshoot further.

Why is my wireless printer not responding?

There are various reasons behind this problem. Some of the popular ones are discussed below, go through them to resolve the issue:
Restart your printer: If your wireless printer is not responding then you can reboot your printer by turning it off and on again. Doing this can help to reset the printer’s connection to your network.
Check the printer’s connectivity: Ensure that the printer is connected to your Wi-Fi network properly. Also, check the range of the WiFi signal to which the printer is connected.
Check for updates: Usually, this type of error occurs due to an outdated printer. So, through the printer’s settings menu, you need to check for updates.
Restart your router: Your must restart your router as it can help you solve any connectivity issues. If the problem still occurs then follow the below tips. 
Reinstall the printer: If the steps mentioned above don’t work then you need to uninstall and reinstall the printer. You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Do HP printers have a reset button?

No, HP printers do not have a reset button. However, if you want to perform a reset then follow the below steps: 
First, turn off the printer and unplug the power cord from it 
Once done, wait for at least 60 seconds 
Now, into the printer plug the power cord back 
Just after that, turn on the printer and wait until it initializes.

Why is my HP printer not responding?

There can be several reasons behind the HP printers not responding. Some of the most common ones are software issues, hardware failure, overuse, and driver problems. Thus, before using a printer ensure that the ink and toner cartridge is installed properly and that for printing the printer has enough ink or toner.  

What does it mean when it says the printer is not responding?

The printer is not responding error message usually appears when there is a problem between your printer and device. In some cases, the problem can appear due to a paper jam or improper cable connection. 

How do I clear an error on my HP printer?

If the error appears on the HP printer, then it will disappear once you turn the printer off and on. If this method doesn’t work then simply turn off the printer and remove the power cable for 30 seconds. After the time duration, turn the printer on. If this process doesn’t help you to clear an error then the problem will be with the hardware. 

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